Plutarch Learned Latin In the “Decline of His Age” and We Can Too!

Speaking of Plutarch, years ago I commonplaced this encouraging glimpse into his self-education in Latin from the Life of Demosthenes: . . […]

“You Can Sit on a Book, But You Can’t Read a Chair”

Wise words from veteran homeschool mom Cathy Simmons, in this lovely tribute—just in time for Mother’s Day!—by her daughter, Amy Sloan, […]

Martin Cothran on Boys and Books: “Fleeing These Modern Aunt Pollys”

And, following up on my last post about stories as bootcamp for life, here are some good thoughts from Martin Cothran via […]

Morning Time Primer: Ages and Stages

Morning Time—Our Daily Feast was the number one best educational practice for bringing scholé to our homeschool. Our long-term commitment […]