Charlotte Mason’s “Thoughts Think Themselves” via Moments With Mother Culture

Especially for my friends with young children, here is a very lovely post from Karen Andreola at Moments with Mother Culture:

“Thoughts think themselves,” says Miss Charlotte Mason – when they are nourished with an initial idea. In the mind that is curious thoughts will often run in due course without conscience effort . . . Have you ever wondered about the great emphasis Charlotte Mason placed on ideas? She emphasized ideas on the pages of Philosophy of Education especially, but it pops up in all her books . . . Presenting the student with at least one new idea a day is a doable aim for the Charlotte-Mason-minded-teacher. Read the entire article here.

In her ever gentle and kind manner, Karen gives helpful suggestions for putting this principle into practice. More importantly, if you are reading worthy books to your children, she shows you how you are already probably doing this! Years ago, when our own children were small, my friend Linda and I enjoyed Karen’s hospitality, and we left encouraged and inspired. This article takes me back to that delightful afternoon – just a lovely, leisurely chat.

Portrait of a Young Girl by Alexei Harlamov


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