Wisdom and Discernment in Cultural Engagement

With a new school year coming . . . where we will have the privilege of learning new truths from both believers and unbelievers, let us pause for a moment to consider how we should desire to practice biblically distinguishing between good and evil in what we read, hear, and view as Christians in a fallen world that is yet drenched and saturated in God’s good and true revelation.

. . . As our forefather in the faith John Calvin taught, biblically truth is God’s truth wherever it is found. Calvin wrote: “If we recognize the Spirit of God as the unique Source of Truth, we will never despise it wherever we find it” (Institutes, 2.2.15). As Christians, let us acknowledge truth from the Holy Spirit wherever we find it. As we read good books, study philosophy, hear music performed, watch important and engaging films, let us always remember that there are truths and good learning to be had because of image-bearers who are reflecting the glory of God in their createdness to a certain degree. This is an opportunity to acknowledge truth wherever we find it, and as the Apostle Paul teaches us to do in Acts 17:24-31 to find truths through which we can use that are recognized by all people in our culture that at the same time gives us an opportunity of speaking more truth, and calling sinners to repentance.— The Reverend Charles Biggs

My pastor shares three important examples set by the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill to guide us as we engage culture. Great reminders for all who are seeking to aim our students and ourselves toward a life well-read! Read the whole thing here.

Auf dem Heimweg by Carl Schlesinger, 1871

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