Landmark Books For Your Study of Christendom

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I love Landmark books! We have a bookcase full of them, and they are probably the only thing my kids will fight over when I die. Landmark books provided a good chunk of my children’s history education—which has far surpassed my own.

This post from Christine Miller is a wonderful resource in planning your study  of Christendom using these outstanding books. Though it’s keyed to The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation—her compendium of several delightful out-of-print books by Helene Guerber and one by Charlotte Yonge—it is a helpful planning tool for any study of the era. Christine’s reviews of the Landmark books are very helpful (including which ones to avoid), and there is plenty of information to help you situate Landmarks in your plan.

The New Novel by Winslow Homer, 1877

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