Troubleshooting Plutarch

Speaking of Charlotte Mason, if you struggle with implementing Plutarch’s Lives, as she recommends, in your morning time or co-op, Nancy Kelly over at Sage Parnassus has some helpful hints and resources, including this advice from a P.N.E.U. speaker:

If . . . the children have difficulty in narrating Plutarch’s Lives, it will almost certainly be found that the teacher (as one excellent teacher frankly confesses) does not like the book: he may or may not understand why Plutarch wrote it, why Miss Mason with her wonderful insight adopted it as an inspiration to Citizenship, or indeed why it is one of the world’s great classics. Next to Shakespeare it is probably the book that is most enjoyed by the children, and it is one of the best for narration. ~ Notes for the Conference of July 18th, 1925 on P.N.E.U. Methods  Read the rest at Sage Parnassus

За книгой by Aleksey Mikhailovich Korin, 1900

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