What Every Reading Mother Needs (a.k.a. Mother’s Day Gift Guide)

Running a little late—or a little short of cash—on Mother’s Day gifts for the reading mother in your life? No problem! I’ve got you covered.

This fabulous bookweight is on my personal wish list at Amazon (Weitz children, hint, hint). I NEED this. Pair this with a beautifully arranged dinner tray—don’t forget the flowers!— and a couple of hours of quiet reading time. You’ll be her favorite child for the day.

Beautiful bookplates and bookmarks are sure to delight a reading mother as well. We’ve collected a bouquet of offerings on our Pinterest page to inspire you. Some are for purchase, and some are printable downloads to DIY—if you’re really late and really short on cash.


If you are feeling a bit more expansive, you might consider this lovely embosser that my own dear husband got me for Christmas, although it will take a month or so to arrive. So worth the wait, though!


A Cosey Corner by Francis David Millet, 1884

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    1. Hi Erin! Yes, I use them on the front page. If there is too much writing there, I go back a page or two. I really love this embosser – it works beautifully.

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