Martin Cothran on Boys and Books: “Fleeing These Modern Aunt Pollys”

And, following up on my last post about stories as bootcamp for life, here are some good thoughts from Martin Cothran via Intellectual Takeout about what kind of stories boys—or girls, for that matter—don’t need.

You can just see Tom and Huck, fleeing these modern Aunt Pollys.

Boys are not interested in getting in touch with themselves, and it is particularly off-putting when they are told that it is good for them. The minute the politically correct schoolmarms approach, they head for the woods, where they are free to transform sticks into swords and fight monsters and hunt frogs and swing from trees—anything but to be preached at by people whose sermons consist of high-minded meaninglessness. Read “Boys Don’t Need Books That ‘Put Them In Touch With Their Feelings'” at Intellectual Takeout

Here are a few posts offering suggestions for stories to read instead:

Zwei Buben mit Steinschleuder auf der Sommerwiese by Geza Peske, c. 1900

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