About The Crusades…

The Crusades are for many an unsettling blot on the history of Christianity. But is there more to the story? Kevin DeYoung writes a helpful guide to thinking critically about that oft-disparaged epoch — worth a read!

We are right to deplore the cruelty meted out by crusading Christians, but should not ignore their plight.  Christians lands had been captured.  Surely, they thought, this could not stand.  For an American, it would have been as if Al-Qaeda sacked Washington D.C. following 9/11, set up shop for Bin Laden in the White House, and turned the Lincoln Memorial into a terrorist training center.  It would be unthinkable, cowardly even, for no one to storm the city, liberate its captives, and return our nation’s capital to its rightful owners.  We should never excuse the atrocities that occurred under the banner of the cross during the Crusades, but we should, at least, take pause to understand why they set out on what seems to us to be a fool’s errand.Read the rest at The Gospel Coalition.

For further study on the Crusades, I recommend both Wes Callihan’s Defense of the Faith lecture series from Roman Roads and Dr. George Grant’s Christendom lecture series from King’s Meadow. We’ve benefited from both this year!

Life of Elisabeth of Hungary on mosaics ( 1902-1906 ): Elisabeth’ husband Louis IV of Thuringia on crusade with Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, Wartburg

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