A Tale of Two Kings

But now the English had a wise king and brave leader. That was all they asked. They took heart again and joyfully followed him. Five great battles were fought, and in nearly all of them the English were victorious. That seems to show that it was truly Ethelred’s fault that the English were ever beaten. He did not love his people, and he did not care what happened to them. He thought only of his own pleasure and comfort. But Edmund Ironside was different. He thought only of his country, and although he was winning battle after battle, it made him sad and sick at heart to see his people die. The horror of war had filled the land for so many years that he longed for peace. ~ Henrietta Marshall, Our Island Story

A key difference between a good king and a bad one is love for his people. Our studies in Christendom this year at Providence Prep have been a source of great delight and wisdom!

Battle of Assandun, showing Edmund Ironside (left) and Cnut the Great, from an illuminated manuscript by Matthew of Paris, 14th century


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