The Wonder of Ancient Things

Alyssa Bohon, our marvelous media and communications assistant at Cottage Press, reflects on our recent reading for Mother Culture Community over at her personal blog. Beautiful thoughts!

Notes from my recent read-through of Geoffrey Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain: 

Ancient – truly ancient – history, has the potential of providing its students with a profound sense of smallness upon the stage of the universe as well as wonderfully tingly feelings of discovery – “Oh, I never knew that!” Knowledge is a great treasure. Knowledge of things far, far past has a unique value, because it is, as it were, dug from a very deep mine, and one feels privileged to glimpse such heavily unearthed treasure in the light of the reading chair lamp. Also, the more ancient the people and events, the more one feels in learning of them that here we are getting to the root of things and the beginning of the matter, and so everything begins to make more sense. Read the rest at A Little Lady’s Lessons

Young Man Reading By Candlelight, Matthias Stom, 1628-32

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