Prefer That Which Is Just and Honorable

Plutarch, as relevant as ever:

Panætius, the philosopher, said, that most of (Demosthenes’s) orations are so written, as if they were to prove this one conclusion, that what is honest and virtuous is for itself only to be chosen; as that of the Crown, that against Aristocrates, that for the Immunities, and the Philippics; in all which he persuades his fellow-citizens to pursue not that which seems most pleasant, easy, or profitable; but declares over and over again, that they ought in the first place to prefer that which is just and honorable, before their own safety and preservation. ~ from the life of Demosthenes, Plutarch’s Lives, Volume II, The Dryden Translation, Edited and Revised by Arthur Hugh Clough

Don’t you think A Daily Dose of Plutarch would make a great blog or Twitter feed?

Our Humanities I (junior high) students at Providence Prep will be getting a weekly dose at least beginning this fall. We’ll be using The Plutarch Primer from Anne White. Can’t wait!

Art: Demosthenes, William Blake, c 1800

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