How Will This Affect Their SAT Score? Andrew Kern via Circe

I love everything about this post from Andrew Kern at Circe. He’s writing to classical schools, but it is just as relevant for classical homeschoolers and co-ops.

You taught literature and history in a manner consistent with their natures and in light of the truth of things. But what parents want to know is, “How will this affect their SAT score? How will this help them get into college?” In other words, “We’re charmed by the idea of classical education too, but we have to live in the real world. How will this help my children succeed there?” The question is brilliant and correct and exactly what they ought to be asking. The assumptions behind it might not be, however. Therefore the greatest favor you can do for these parents is to help them better understand what you offer their children.  Continue reading at Circe

As anyone who regularly reads or listens to Andrew would expect, he bases his answer on the importance of remembering (the Muses) vs. distraction (the Sirens). His conclusions are spot-on . . . particularly this:

We have no more time to conform.

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