Vision Recalled And Amplified

From the third book in the Richard Hannay series:

I used to spend my mornings reading in the garden, and I discovered for the first time what a pleasure was to be got from old books. They recalled and amplified that vision I had seen from the Cotswold ridge, the revelation of the priceless heritage which is England. ~ John Buchan, Mr. Standfast

Such a good reminder in these destructive days—our kids (and we!) desperately need to recall and amplify the vision of our priceless heritage. And there is no better way to do that than through (old) books.

Have you read Buchan’s fabulous Hannay series? You must! Great family read-aloud with almost non-stop action and adventure. We’ve listened to them for the last several years on our drives to and from the beach.

Ullswater, Early Morning by John Glover, c 1824


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