Moby-Dick Big Read

Artwork by Jo Hay – from Chapter 86, “The Tail”

I am so excited about this!

. . . The Moby-Dick Big Read: an online version of Melville’s magisterial tome: each of its 135 chapters read out aloud, by a mixture of the celebrated and the unknown, to be broadcast online in a sequence of 135 downloads, publicly and freely accessible.

The project assembled a large and illustrious cast of readers.  A few highlights:

You may remember I posted a few lesson ideas for Moby-Dick last summer. Here is an excellent accompaniment! Download the chapters on iTunes, Sound Cloud, or subscribe to it in your podcast app (search for Moby-Dick Big Read).

Visit the Moby-Dick Big Read website here, and follow the links for each chapter to view the artwork, like the piece featured at the top of this post by Jo Hay. Disclaimer – I did not vet every chapter’s art, so make sure you view it before sharing with your children! Also, please note that the site does have a definite political agenda which you may or may not agree with.

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