“A Place to Store Adventures” | Humane Pursuits

A Favorite Author by Poul Friis Nybo, 1929

More on the ebook vs. physical book debate from my dear friend Emily Cardé:

I have a Pinterest board titled ‘A Place to Store Adventures.’ With a name like that, you might not expect it to contain image after image of beautiful bookshelves, but that’s what it holds.

To me, every book is a potential adventure waiting to be pulled from an over-crowded shelf. I’ve heard people defend their habit of purchasing books by explaining that it isn’t about reading every book, but about the knowledge that the volumes are there, waiting and ready to be read. Read the rest at Humane Pursuits.

Bookshelves – “a place to store adventures.” Definite addition to the defense of my bookshelf obsession. Now, please excuse me while I go retitle my own Pinterest board full of bookshelves and libraries.



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