He Is No Fool Who Gives What He Cannot Keep To Gain That Which He Cannot Lose

Sixty years ago today—January 8, 1956—28-year-old American missionary Jim Elliot was martyred, along with four missionary partners and friends. He was survived by his wife, Elisabeth, and their 10-month-old daughter Valerie.

Read the whole article by Justin Taylor about the five men martyred in a South American jungle as they lived the truth of Jim’s journal entry from seven years earlier.

As a young believer, I was mentored by Elisabeth Eliot, as were so many others, through her books, so Jim Eliot naturally became a hero of mine. 

Speaking of connections and the Great Conversation, a friend on Facebook pointed out that Eliot’s famous quote may have actually been a paraphrase of a quote Matthew Henry attributed to his father Philip. If you click through on the journal page from the article above (copied below), the Wheaton Archive page makes note of this. I love the fact that Eliot not only journaled, he commonplaced, and paraphrased—all important practices for classical education!


You can read the entire published Journals of Jim Elliot in a book edited by his late wife, Elisabeth.

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