Beautiful German Words via Grammarly

The German language is not usually known for its loveliness, but this article gives us another take:

Budweiser gets its name from a German city. Volkswagen means “people’s automobile,” a nod to its affordability. Besides brand names like Volkswagen and Budweiser, you might not think you know many words in German. However, there are many interesting words of Germanic origin in English. Here some of the loveliest specimens.

The waltz is a 3/4 time ballroom dance in which the dancers move in a circular pattern around the floor. Peasants in the eastern Alps of Germany began dancing the Walzer in the 1750s, and it soon spread across Germany and abroad. The quick beat and seemingly effortless movements of the dance inspired a few informal expressions too. To waltz can mean to move casually or to progress easily through a task: the Olympian waltzed his way to victory with the nearest second trailing a full fifteen seconds behind him. In fact, any easily accomplished task is sometimes called a waltz.

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Dance at Bougival by Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1883

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