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If you have not yet listened to The Mason Jar Podcast, you should check it out!  The first in the series is here.

I particularly appreciate Cindy’s encouragement to those who are struggling to reconcile principles and practices in this home education journey:

We are coming from poverty to something rich, and it’s going to take us a long time to get there.

Other notable thoughts:

On Memory Work ~ Memory work is not just cramming, it’s setting a feast. It’s providing thoughts to unravel for a lifetime—by heart, not by rote. This is definitely an area of confusion for many who are new to classical principles of education. The content of your memory work does matter, so be intentional. Yes, you need to include math facts and Latin chants and maybe even a basic timeline/outline of history. But take care not to prioritize random facts and unrelated bits of information over beautiful things like poetry!

On Morning Time (we’re calling this Conventus et Recitatio at Providence Prep) ~ When my kids were younger, we also spent up to two hours a day reading and reciting together. Now that it is so hard to find time in my high school boys’ diverging schedules, I’m grateful that we made it a habit for so many years. Sad to say, we did not read Plutarch aloud regularly, but I have started with my high school boys now. Better late than never! To explore how we can make this happen for our younger kids at Providence Prep I’ve downloaded The Plutarch Primer, and it looks promising. Shakespeare, we included in other ways, but I like the idea of reading one scene a day with everyone participating. Planning to add it to our CetR lineup at home.

Flowers and a Bowl of Fruit on a Table by Paul Gauguin,


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