Christian Renaissance Camps

Christian Renaissance Camps coming July 2015. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Just the prospect of spending a week with the Hake family is worth the price of admission!

I have been praying for a Christian Renaissance for many years.  I now feel called by God to put feet on those prayers.  These camps are one way I am trying to do that.  Of my recent writings, “The Time is Ripe for a Christian Renaissance” and“Learned Children” perhaps capture the specific vision most succinctly.  I am inviting high school aged young people (14-18) to my home to wrestle with one classic work and one contemporary one, to impart this vision to them, to challenge them to love God with their minds in the context of loving Him with their heart, soul and strength, to consider the part they and their children might play in this Renaissance. My Faith and Reason Lecture at Patrick Henry College (Fall 2011) was also entitled, “The Time is Ripe for a Christian Renaissance.”

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