The Lesson of Grace In Teaching ~ Frances Su


From an article by Frances Su:

All the best teachers in my life have been grace-givers.  Think of that teacher whom you knew was busy, but still made you feel like you were the most important person in the world.  Think of those people whom you can be authentic with—those who, even if they know all the rotten things about you, would love you anyway . . . Sure, good instructional techniques are necessary for good teaching.  But they are not sufficient.  They are NOT the foundation.  Grace-filled relationships with your students are the foundation for good teaching, because it gives you freedom to explore, freedom to fail.  Freedom to let students take control of their own learning, freedom to affirm the struggling student by your own weakness.  Grace amplifies the teacher-student relationship to one of greater trust in which a student can thrive. Read the entire article here.

Posted on facebook by a friend who is pursuing her PhD in Literature. My very favorite thing about this particular post was the little comment thread below it. A mutual friend said, “This makes me think of Dr. Kucks.” Everyone who knows Dr. Kucks would recognize him in this article. And the thrilling thing is that these two young women who are pursuing careers in teaching have seen what grace-filled teaching can do. It will inform their own teaching. What a high calling and challenge to all of us who love teaching!

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