These People Are Hard to Fool

Consider what happens to people whose night skies are spangled with constellations like The Master of Hestviken, or Moby-Dick, or The Brothers Karamazov. These people are hard to fool. They are also hard to enlist in pursuit of the trivial and ephemeral. It is as if we had given them a powerful telescope atop a high mountain, and shown them how to use it, and directed their attention to the Orion nebula, and once they had learned to do so and to love the beauty they found there, expected them to look at light bulbs on a marquee. ~ Anthony Esolen, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
A remedy against our massive and widespread shallowness? Esolen nails it. Ten Ways is a must read. Can only claim two out of the three he mentions, but fixing that –  just ordered the first book in The Master of Hestviken tetralogy. Looks marvelous. Book Tea ladies?


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