Latin – The Most Living Language of All!

From our King’s Meadow Antiquity lecture yesterday:

When we say that the Romans paved the way for Western Civilization, that’s both literal and figurative . . . By the way, this is one of the ways that we start to see the genius of learning Latin. Yes, it’s a dead language—okay, we all know that—but it’s the most living language of all because it gives us insight into history, into culture, into the uses of our own language, the origins of the way we think, and it connects us to practical aspects of life that we would never expect. So learning a bit of Latin is more than a little useful because it enables us to connect the dots to all of culture. This is the essence of the Pax Romana. It’s genius.  ~ Dr. George Grant

Couldn’t agree more, Dr. Grant!

Latin - The Most Living Language! |
Engraving of the Pont du Gard by C.L.-Clérisseau, 1804; public domain

2 thoughts on “Latin – The Most Living Language of All!

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I see you are using King’s Meadow Curriculum. I have been looking at it for quite a while and I like what I see, but there are only samples of the lectures and none of the other materials that come with the course. It is pricey and I want to make sure it is doable. Have you found it to be worth the cost?

    1. Hi Julie! Yes, we have used King’s Meadow at our co-op for three years, and will complete the four-year cycle in the coming school year. We have found it worth every penny. KM does offer co-op discounts, so you might look into that. The streaming option is also very nice if you have good internet.

      In addition to the lectures, you get a pdf instructor’s guide (600+ pages with lit lists and transcripts of all lectures), several options for printing your own student syllabus, and a pdf with quizzes and tests, as well as an accompanying answer key. These are all excellent resources.

      Does that help? I’ll be happy to answer any other specific questions you may have about King’s Meadow.

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