Scholé – Restful Learning

The Greek word for leisure is scholé (skoh-LAY) . . . “restful learning” that comes from discussion, conversation and reflection among good friends. ~ Christopher Perrin, Classical Academic Press

Scholé has crossed my path frequently over the last several years, and I have liked the looks of her. I sensed we might have a good bit in common. Ironically, I was too busy to do more than respond with a friendly nod, an occasional quick chat, and even a hurried introduction to a like-minded friend. But recently, Scholé knocked on my front door, invited herself in, and settled comfortably on my couch for several long and very delightful conversations.

The truth is, Scholé and I are kindred spirits. A couple of mutual friends recognized that, and started sending me links and articles and video clips. Because I respected their opinions, I made time to read and listen. I found myself nodding in agreement with Scholé constantly, saying, “Oh really, you too?”

I think that Scholé will be making a frequent appearance here. For now,  I want to introduce you to my new old friend, via this post and the four-part video presentation below: School as Scholé by Dr. Perrin. Also visit Scholé Sisters for wonderful, practical ideas to bring Scholé into your home.



The Ambassadors, Detail of Globe Lute and Books, Hans Holbein the Younger, 1533

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