Bill Bennett On Commonplace Books and Reading

Thanks to my friend Olga for sharing this with me! Bill Bennett speaks of his college course at Williams:

I had a great educational experience there. And you know, read a lot of books. And that has been intellectual capital. Again, I remember your mom told me, she said, “You will draw on that intellectual capital, you will find when you get a job in Washington, you’ll have no time, if you do this job right, to read books. You’ll be reading memos and writing memos.” And a lot of that’s true. So, readiness is all, Shakespeare says. So do that readiness when you’re in high school and when you’re in college-read, read, read, and read the good stuff. It pays off.

And on keeping a commonplace book:

I keep a commonplace book and recommend that, by the way, to young people. Things that strike you as good, well-said, write it down. Mine is now about 120 pages of quotes.

Read the rest of the article at The Weekly Standard, and if you are so inclined, watch the entire interview at Conversations with Bill Kristol.

Still Life With Books, a Letter and a Tulip by Charles Emmanuel Biset

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