Tristram Shandy, ab ovo

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Lady With An Open Book, Oil on Canvas by Anton Faistauer (Austrian, 1887-1930)

Really enjoying this odd, offbeat Book Tea selection. Along with the Aeneid, this passage inspired my ponderings about ab ovo and in media res:

For which cause, right glad I am, that I have begun the history of myself in the way I have done; and that I am able to go on, tracing every thing in it, as Horace says, ab OvoHorace, I know, does not recommend this fashion altogether: But that gentleman is speaking only of an epic poem or a tragedy;—(I forget which,) besides, if it was not so, I should beg Mr. Horace’s pardon;—for in writing what I have set about, I shall confine myself neither to his rules, nor to any man’s rules that ever lived. ~ Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy

He is not kidding. I have read 20+ chapters, and have not yet arrived at the actual day of his birth . . . and I am not in the least hurry either. Brilliant and funny thus far!

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