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Vergil's Aeneid Via Roman Roads | The Reading Mother

Note: Bookmark updated on 2/5/15. Listen to Lecture 3 after you read Book 1 instead of after Book 2.

I have heard from a few who want to join me in the Roman Roads Great Books Challenge to study Vergil’s Aeneid this spring – with a terrific reward! So I thought it might be helpful to post a schedule for keeping on track and finishing in time to earn the prize.

Roman Roads recommends a six-week schedule for completing The Aeneid. But Life Happens. Especially for reading mothers. So, I’ve planned a nice gentle pace of one book per week, for a total of twelve weeks with a lecture every week for the first four weeks, then every other week after the first few weeks for the rest. Starting date is February 1, so there is still plenty of time to order your DVD set. We finish two weeks before the challenge ends so there is a little fudge factor if Life Happens a lot. 

Aeneid Reading Schedule Bookmark | The Reading Mother

Click on the image, download the jpg, and you can print it on cardstock for a bookmark.

If you still need to order a copy of The Aeneid, I like Robert Fitzergerald’s; I believe it is the one Wes Callihan prefers as well.

I plan to post an update on our reading each week. Join me, book and pen in hand!

Great Books Challenge From Roman Roads | The Reading Mother

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