Vergil’s Aeneid Via Roman Roads – Great Books Challenge

Great Books Challenge From Roman Roads | The Reading Mother

Take a look at this Great Books Challenge from Roman Roads – and the cool reward. I’m in!

This is just the motivation I need to read The Aeneid aloud this spring with my two still-at-home boys. Making myself accountable here: I plan to blog about our reading and discussions and the insights we gain as we listen to the lectures and do the reading together. Check back for Vergil’s Aeneid Via Roman Roads updates in the coming months.

Here’s a little clip of this course I shared on the Cottage Press facebook page from Roman Roads.

Our family knows and loves Mr. Callihan, aka The Vicar, aka The Benevolent Dictator. Every one of our kiddos has studied or are studying the four-year Great Books course at Schola Tutorials. I also spent two years studying with Wes in his Great Books for Parents course – one of the best investments of time and money I have made in my ongoing pursuit of self-education. Old Western Culture from Roman Roads is making this outstanding course more accessible and available for current and future generations of students and parents.

Join me?

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